The IACR and its Annual Scientific Conferences
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The IACR Annual Scientific Meeting

The IACR Annual Scientific Meeting has been held regularly since 1970, and annually since 1982. The conference is an ideal forum for exchanging knowledge with other cancer registry professionals from around the world. Hosted on a different continent each year, the IACR annual conference attracts an average of 200 delegates and offers a rich programme on topics related to the impact of cancer (incidence, survival), the evaluation of cancer screening and treatments, the aetiology of different cancers, and many others.

IACR: Fostering Knowledge Exchange Between Cancer Registries

The International Association of Cancer Registries (IACR) was founded in 1966 as a professional society dedicated to fostering the aims and activities of cancer registries worldwide. It is primarily for population-based registries, which collect information on the occurrence and outcome of cancer in defined population groups (usually the inhabitants of a city, region, or country). For each new cancer case, registries record details of the individual affected: the nature of the cancer, information on treatment, and on follow-up especially with respect to survival from the disease.

Registries play an important role in research into the cause of cancer, both by providing data on patterns and trends, and in different types of epidemiological studies (in particular, in their ability to follow up groups of persons exposed to potential hazards). Registries are an essential element in the planning and monitoring of cancer control strategies, and in identifying priorities in public health.

To ensure that cases are properly recorded, and that the statistical data gathered are complete and can be used to make valid comparisons, cancer registries must conform to accepted working practices and standards. The IACR was created to foster the exchange of information between cancer registries internationally, with the goal of improving the quality of data and comparability between registries.

The IACR is a non-governmental organization that has been in official relations with the World Health Organization since January 1979. More information can be found at

IACR is very grateful to the Cancer Registries of Belgium (BCR) and the Netherlands (NCR, IKNL) for hosting this year’s annual scientific conference in Utrecht.